Fixing your A/C may cost less than you think!

Imagine you walk out to your car on the hottest day of the year. You’ve had a long day and just want to go home, relax and maybe enjoy a cold refreshing beverage. You open your car door and a wall of hot air rushes out. You get in, start the engine, and crank up the air conditioning. As you start driving, you realize that there is no cold air blowing from your dash vents. The thought of a potentially expensive A/C repair crosses your mind as you roll down your windows…


In some cases, air conditioning repair can be costly… especially if the compressor, A/C lines, condenser or evaporator need to be replaced.


However, unbeknown to most folks, A/C systems in today’s modern vehicles leak out their refrigerant over time, causing the system to stop blowing cold air. In many cases, refilling the refrigerant restores a vehicle’s original “cool” factor without breaking the bank.


Having trouble beating the summer heat? Give Kevin’s a call. The fix may cost you less than you think!

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